Sunday, January 19, 2020

Greenfield Rehab & Nursing Center strives to deliver quality care from a standpoint of caring for a family member or friend – with love, compassion and concern for meeting our patients’ individual needs.  We have replaced the old model of a traditional nursing home with a new model – an expanded family environment run by family focused highly skilled healthcare professionals with strong partnerships with our local hospitals and community healthcare organizations. We balance the best in healthcare to make sure it “adds life to the autumn years.” We want to help you navigate the complex issues surrounding the placement of your loved one in a long-term care setting.

Expect quality care.

GRNC is positioned as one of the best hospital-based rehab and skilled nursing center.  We have a strong focus on an engaged and involved family approach to care-giving.   We stress care and comfort through all our efforts, including our meal plans, activities, and health services.  We offer in-house language and cultural experts, religious services, and family support services that fit your needs. GRNC has received international recognition for award-winning quality care with an appreciation for the sciences of health and the art of integrating culture into wellness planning.

Expect caring.

Every helathcare provider should be held to a standard of providing quality care. GRNC provides quality care but we feel there is a difference between providing care and caring. WE PROVIDE CARING.

Staff members of our center are professionals who understand the importance of caring with compassion. From skilled therapy and nursing to a gentle hug, we provide the kind of care that is essential to all of us. Our patients are part of our family and staff members are committed to being a part of theirs.

Our approach to care is based on the positives, focusing on wellness, enhancing the environment, and preventing unnecessary rapid decline in functioning – ultimately providing a higher quality of life and dignity. Our dedicated and energetic staff provides a range of activities for our patients to enjoy.

Expect peace of mind.

Anyone faced with the prospect of placing a loved one in a nursing home is confronted with a myriad of issues. Not the least of which may be a feeling of guilt or inadequacy for having to rely on others to provide care. Combine these feelings with the complexities of coordinating financial arrangements, medical assessments, responsible-party duties, and the paperwork that legally must be created – and the whole experience can be overwhelming.

This is where Greenfield Rehab & Nursing Center can be of great service. Our trained and experienced social services team is effective in guiding families through the process. We take the time and make contacts where possible to ease the burden on your family. Physician, nursing and social service assessments help assure appropriate and efficient placement and treatment for each patient. Our compassionate caregivers understand that each of our patients is unique and provide the personalized attention necessary to assure their well-being and their family’s peace of mind.

Services provided in our long-term care nursing home:

  • Skilled nursing on a 24-hour basis
  • Social services and social activities
  • Physical rehabilitation therapy services – physical, speech and occupational therapies
  • Psychological services
  • Dietary / nutritional programs tailored to individual needs
  • Transportation to medical appointments, etc.
  • Two joint partnering nationally awarded and recognized hospitals with on-site Medicare skilled nursing, physical rehabilitation, laboratory, x-ray and emergency room services.

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